Invisible Wounds brings hope, healing, and teaching to those struggling with pain and trauma. Additionally, teaching and bringing understanding to survivors’ loved ones and those who interact with them on a daily basis, facilitates healing for everyone.

I am a professional counselor, speaker, and author. My purpose is to bring closure, inspire hope, and offer complete healing to those who are hurting.

The Effects of Trauma

This world is full of events and people who experience unspeakable traumas every day. The pain that surrounds those desperately trying to relearn who they are now that the trauma is over, is real and can be devastating. The pain they experience is real, and can be a life long, debilitating struggle for freedom.

Trauma leaves wounds that are deep and devastating, but no one can see them. These invisible wounds are the marks of what has happened to us and wreak havoc on our lives and our sense of self.

We question who we are and everything we thought we knew. We are desperately trying to find a place to feel safe again. Losing our identity in the process, surviving becomes the new normal. Reclaiming our identity and our life is the goal of healing.

Why Invisible Wounds

Understanding the pain of suffering when no one can see or understand what’s wrong, and knowing how to treat those invisible wounds is not something everyone can do. Many people try to help, but only someone who has been there can really understand where you are. A trauma-informed provider knows how to help and can lead you to healing.

At Invisible Wounds, you can find safety, and hope, and you can begin to believe that healing is possible.

I can offer a path to freedom for you and your loved ones. Your own healing journey will be unique. No one responds to trauma in the same way. Through inspiring hope, using proven methods not requiring intense reliving of the traumas, and by teaching understanding and knowledge to those seeking to help survivors, true healing and support are found.

My focus is on anyone who experiences trauma reactions that are no longer wanted and needed. I work with law enforcement, first responders, members of the military, on a private level, protecting anonymity and their careers. Those walking through life feeling broken and hopeless are welcome. I can help. You don’t need to fight alone anymore.