Breaking Into Hope

My breath catches in my chest

Unrelenting and Devastating

The darkness threatens to engulf me


Reality breaks

Shattering into pieces

Tiny fragments of the

World I knew


Blackness screams as

My eyes begin to bleed

Broken by the power of my pain

Pouring out my sorrow



Rushing waves of grief

Rising waters of despair

Threaten to overtake me



Aching emptiness

Punching the night and

Begging for relief


Breaking through the darkness

Remnants of the light

Begin to trickle in

Slow illumination blinding my pain


A sliver of hope

Fractions of peace

This light grows

Warming my weary soul


Emptiness fading into the gray

Dulling the ache and bringing relief

Promises remembered


Truth in the pain

Destroys the blackness

Pieces begin to heal again


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