Everyone has fears that play out in their lives in one way or the other. When tragedy and pain are experienced in life, fear is taken to a whole new level. No one really talks about the true face of fear though. People accept and understand your fear surrounding the situation or event, but they rarely understand all the other devastating behaviors and thoughts that play on those deep fears. You see this in everyday interactions with people. The angry outbursts, the self-destructive behaviors, addiction, rage, the list goes on and on. Fear left unchecked or undiscovered, will lead people to do and say things that are so far out of character for them, that the people closest to them can barely recognize their loved one. Fear leads people to say things they don’t mean and behave irrationally because that fear response means “I’m in danger I have to protect myself at all costs,” and often the cost is very high. This fear response is helpful and necessary when it is based on reality, but is destructive when this response is triggered by a memory, or another non life threatening interaction. Part of learning to heal and become whole in life is learning to identify life threatening fear and distinguish that from irrational or non life threatening fears. You can learn to retrain this fear response, but often times people aren’t ready to recognize their destructive or harmful behaviors for what they truly are. You have to be ready to dive headfirst into the fight against the chaos in your mind and in your life before you can truly embrace the healing waiting for you.

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