Unexpected Joy

Sometimes life can destroy your sense of hope and you think you will never be able to be happy again. The thought of experiencing Joy is even more impossible to imagine. What I’m slowly learning throughout this journey in life and healing is that Joy can be found in the most innocent of moments. Ever since I had my little boy, he shows me how to see the world through his eyes. Today was one of those moments. We went to his very first fall festival complete with a pumpkin patch. I found myself crying at his excitement and curiosity at things he’s never experienced. I realized that at that moment, I was truly happy, that I was experiencing joy. Then I start to wonder if the reason we lose hope and fail to experience Joy as adults is because this world has worn us down so much we can barely see the sun let alone beauty. If we can begin to see the world that has broken and hardened us through the eyes of a child experiencing things for the first time, we can begin to feel hopeful again. Letting my son show me how to experience life as if I’ve never experienced pain and trauma helps me feel Joy in a way I thought was forever tarnished. When you let a child show you how to experience life, you can find Joy in unexpected places.

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