As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent for about a month. It has been a month that has challenged me and caused immense pain and frustration. In July, I had knee surgery hoping to fix the growing pain in my right knee. It turns out that my knee was beyond simple repair and I unexpectedly needed a total knee replacement.

On October 5th, I underwent the procedure for a total knee replacement. Very unusual at my age, but a combination of factors had rendered this surgery necessary. My trauma history and the development of fibromyalgia at age 18 as well as my recent gastric bypass, created a unique situation for me. Unfortunately, I had a surgeon that dismissed my concerns about the pain management issues my circumstances brought to the surgery. This resulted in 8 days of extreme pain, beyond a level 10, an unexpected hospitalization to attempt to control the pain, and numerous other extremely difficult circumstances.

After an extreme migraine that seemed to reset my pain, in combination with numerous prayers and finally finding a successful combination of medications, I began to make progress and heal.

At this point, I continue to make daily progress forward, thought the pain returns with a vengeance at night. As I continue to heal from this surgery, especially now that I am able to make it through the day without the pain meds, I will be able to begin creating healing and inspirational content here and in my newsletter.

Thank you for remaining with me during this challenge and as I focus on my physical healing as well as the emotional toil this has taken on myself and my family.