Who I am

My name is Kristen Krueger.  I am a Christian counselor, writer, speaker, and consultant. Intimately connected with law enforcement, first responders and veterans, as well as being a trauma survivor myself, I understand the unique struggle of survivors. I specialize in trauma and have a passion for helping those who are struggling to feel “normal” again after suffering.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology, I have many years of experience in the field of mental health. I am currently in the process of completing my certification as a trauma specialist. Exploring the latest research and completing trainings, keeps me up to date on the newest information about trauma.

I released my first book, Healing the Invisible Wounds of Trauma: A Columbine Survivor’s Story in April 2019. In it, I address my own trauma and the arduous path I had to take to heal. Many people have gone through hell but are not physically wounded or have healed from those physical wounds yet still suffer. Combat, loss of a child, loss of a relationship, incomprehensible violence, and disaster all leave their mark on your body, your mind and your soul.

Finding Hope

The invisible wounds, the ones that linger and wreak havoc on your life and your sense of sanity, are the ones that most people don’t understand. I do, I have been there and I want to help you break free and get your life back.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore. There is hope even when you’re in the darkest place that you’ve ever been. You can move forward and soften the scars that still cause pain. It doesn’t matter how recent or how long ago your traumas occurred, there is healing and there is life again.

Don’t give up, reach out. I am here to help you find yourself again. The journey will be hard at times, but once you take that step to begin to heal, there will be happiness and peace that you never thought possible.