Instinct and hypervigilance

One of the things that becomes increasingly clear after you have experienced a trauma is the change in how you perceive the world around you. Right after the shootings, when I finally came out of the cloud of shock and chaos, I realized that the world was now infinitely more dangerous than I ever imaginedRead moreRead more


Sometimes it seems as if the pieces of my life will never come together again. One of the side effects of trauma and pain is that we fragment. The core of our minds and souls are shattered from the horrific nature of what we experienced. The truth that this is not how things are supposedRead moreRead more

The Beginning of the End

No one wakes up one morning expecting that their life will forever be changed. That’s the chaos of trauma, it’s sudden, unexpected and violent. Even when the trauma suffered is a continual violation of yourself, there is a part that hopes and believes that it will be different this time. In a world where trauma,Read moreRead more

Invisible Wounds

Tragedy and pain is all around us. Every single day, there are more news reports about innocent people being killed, lives being devastated, and the people left behind to pick up the pieces. There are stories about the brave men and women who have volunteered to fight the evil that would dare to threaten thisRead moreRead more

Waking Up

Have you ever had a moment when you realize that you aren’t really sure where you are or how you got there? I remember the first time I was truly awake. After everything that I had been through and experienced in my short life, somehow I had completely removed myself from the present. One day,Read moreRead more

Finding Myself Again

As I am sitting here writing this blog, I realize that the reason it has taken me so long to finish this topic is because I do not really have the final answer to this question of finding yourself again after enduring trauma. I have been in this journey for a long time and to beRead moreRead more

Valentine's Day: Lust or Love? Moving From Selfishness to Selflessness

It’s Valentine’s Day…again. For most people this day makes them cringe, cry, mad, or lonely…oftentimes all of the above. Sometimes people who are equally yoked and motivated, get to feel loved and cherished on this day. But for most is a reminder of what is lost, what should have been, what they’re missing, or whatRead moreRead more