I am a registered psychotherapist  in the state of Colorado and am certified in:

  • Splankna Therapy,
  • Emotional Freedom Technique, and
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I offer counseling services to anyone who is seeking true and complete healing. Leave behind what is keeping them you from being who you want to be.

Virtual sessions are offered through SimplePractice Telehealth, a HIPAA compliant platform. With the addition of my ability to come to a place of your choosing for sessions, getting help is even easier.

Speaking and Consultation

I bring unique knowledge and insight on the topics of trauma, PTSD, mental health disorders and treatments. This information allows your group to be trauma-informed. Being trauma-informed gives you the edge over your competition. Consultations for individuals, groups, and about processes such as those used in leadership are available.

Assisting you or your agency with a variety of mental health concerns, criminal or abnormal behavior consultations, and training seminars lets your entire team learn and begin using this information immediately.

Teaching on the topics of trauma response, mind/body connections in trauma, consequences of trauma, abnormal behavior, gives you and your team valuable insight into how trauma survivors interact with their world.

I have an intimate knowledge of the atmosphere of military members and first responders. My family has served in the military, and I have worked with the military and law enforcement. Spending 5 years working in a federal prison, I understand the unique challenges those environments present for healing.

Copy Writing Services

As a copywriter, I can complete many varied projects for your organization or publication. These projects will optimize your SEO, draw people to your services, and highlight who you are and why you’re needed above all other candidates.