Splankna is a Biblically-based mind/body healing protocol that combines elements from:

  • Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR),
  • Emotional Freedom Technique/Thought Field Technique (EFT/TFT), and
  • Neuro Emotive Technique (NET).

Splankna is unique in that it also adds the most important element in healing, the sovereignty of God. There is a misconception that “energy psychology” as a whole only exists because of “new age mysticism.” However, this is wholly inaccurate.

New Age philosophies believe that “everyone and everything is a god,” “that there are no absolute truths and that good/evil is not real,” and that “we really are not here, we don’t actually exist, it’s just an illusion.”

Splankna holds to the tenants of the Bible. That God is sovereign and that Christ is part of the triune God and is superior to mankind, He created everything and is Holy.

The reality is that science has repeatedly demonstrated that our bodies are “matter” and are energized. The only way it is possible for this to be true is if Jesus created us that way (Colossians 1:16-17). We are “held together” because of the attention and intention given us by the Father because we are matter and energy. This is not new age mysticism, it’s Biblical truth validated by scientific research in the field of quantum physics!

Our Father wants to bring healing, health, hope, and renew and restore what was stolen and taken from us in the experience of trauma.

So often we do not understand how the spiritual realm plays a part in our suffering and how much God desires healing and restoration for his children.

This is where the beauty of Splankna comes in. This protocol was created by Sarah Thiessen of the Splankna Therapy Insitute and has been gaining momentum in the treatment of trauma.

Splankna offers a path to true and complete healing because we are incorporating mind, body, and spirit into the healing process. The intentionality of our behavior, submission to God as sovereign, addressing spiritual warfare, and reclaiming our lives out of the influence of darkness, creates a pathway to real freedom and restoration of the life you were meant to live.

There is an extraordinary amount of science, specifically quantum physics, that validates why our intentions and words create change. Sarah has done an incredibly in-depth amount of research into science and theology in order to validate what she was hearing from God.

Because of this, many people are experiencing freedom from addiction, PTSD, personality disorders, and resistant mental health and relationship issues, as a result of implementing this protocol.

This new and dynamic treatment protocol has provided healing in my life in ways I never thought were possible…which means that healing in your life is truly possible as well.