A Letter to A Survivor

From A Survivor Right now you are in shock. You’re broken, numb, and wondering what just happened. You’re questioning everything. You’re life no longer makes sense. You are desperately trying to undo what has happened, but you know that you will never be able to undo this. You understand that your life has been foreverRead moreRead more

Healing Requires Work and Adaptability

One of the misconceptions and myths about counseling is that there is a “one size fits all” process that when applied, will bring healing and hope to everyone. This is fundamentally flawed based on nothing more than the unique traits and individual issues that each person brings with them. People also tend to believe, orRead moreRead more

End Of Watch

Two weeks ago I lost a coworker and a friend. His death was unexpected and left all of us trying to figure things out. One of the things done when an officer falls is an end of watch call. If you have never heard this done, I cannot express the pain and finality that comesRead moreRead more