When Pride Masks Itself as Strength and Gets in The Way of Healing

I am a fighter. I believe in wrong and right, have a passion for justice, and embrace the reality that life is a fight sometimes and that fight requires courage and strength. To me, courage is getting up after every blow, brushing the dust off your back and charging forward into the battle again, hopefullyRead moreRead more

Invisible Suffering

I have spent the majority of my time on this blog writing about trauma, PTSD, and the invisible wounds of psychological and emotional injuries that no one really understands. The more I walk through this life and experience all the pain, suffering, chaos, trauma, and “junk” that is thrown at us, I realize that invisibleRead moreRead more

Trauma Magnified

When you experience something horrible, something that leaves you scarred and broken, you think, this is it. You believe, naively, that this is going to be the only thing that you will have to overcome, the only thing that you will have to endure. For some this is true, and they are infinitely fortunate thatRead moreRead more

The Trauma Experience

No one wakes up one morning expecting that their life will forever be changed. Each day is another day of expectation and hope that things will turn out alright, that this day will bring a sense of peace and comfort in this life. No one expects that their life is going to be turned upsideRead moreRead more

Instinct and hypervigilance

One of the things that becomes increasingly clear after you have experienced a trauma is the change in how you perceive the world around you. Right after the shootings, when I finally came out of the cloud of shock and chaos, I realized that the world was now infinitely more dangerous than I ever imaginedRead moreRead more

Invisible Wounds

Tragedy and pain is all around us. Every single day, there are more news reports about innocent people being killed, lives being devastated, and the people left behind to pick up the pieces. There are stories about the brave men and women who have volunteered to fight the evil that would dare to threaten thisRead moreRead more